Ethyl Chloride
Ethyl Chloride Vidant is a fast-acting, hypoallergenic, vapo-coolant spray that provides rapid, transient, topical analgesia for minor invasive procedures (intramuscular and sub-cutaneous injections).
The active ingredient, ethyl chloride, acts as a local analgesic (pain relief) when sprayed onto the skin. A thin film of liquid is sprayed onto the skin, which makes the skin cold and less sensitive as the liquid evaporates. It works very quickly (in a few seconds) but the effect wears off quickly too as the skin warms up again in a few minutes.

The Fine Spray can/vial is very useful for children prior to injection (as well as adults who are needle phobic). Particularly those who are allergic to other topical anaesthetics/analgesic gels, or for those who get upset when analgesic gels are applied before injections due to the prolonged wait for analgesia to take effect. It is also indicated for use with Sports injuries, chiropody, muscle cramps, muscle pain, tenosynovitis (tennis elbow) or articular ligament pain.

The Direct stream can/vial is used for pinpoint application eg in Obs&Gynae to check nerve block during epidural and minor surgery such as wart and tick removal or body piercings

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Ethyl Chloride Vidant is available in four presentations:
Direct stream glass vials (100ml and 50ml)
Fine Spray glass vial with safety cap (100ml)
Fine Spray cans (100ml)
Direct stream can (100ml)

All cans are plated tin (NOT aluminium) to comply with BP (British Pharmacopoeia) standards on storage and usage